i65nmd Joins eDIGImag, USA

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Over the past 18 months i65nmd has maintained a very low profile.  We have been working inside our parent company, NET500.CG, building a line of communication and education tools for implementation into the graphic design/new media industry.  It’s not an easy nut-to-crack, but we’re still wielding our virtual ‘nutcrackers’.

Recently, one of our ‘sister groups’, eDIGImag, USA, developed a very good working collaboration overseas and we’ve been enlisted to help out with the design aspects of a growing list of projects.

i65nmd‘s contribution, will be developing the graphics for online presence tools, such as … websites, blogs, Social Networking accounts, forums, video, pod and vid casting.  i65nmd will also provide graphic design and management, as well as, pre – and- post production for video, audio, print, brand product sales and management and more.

“We are looking forward to this arrangement.  The opportunity to work in the global marketplace and show off our design capabilities is an honest opportunity to broaden our marketplace.”, says Les Booth, owner of NET500.CG

Many of the projects will use in-house creative talent, but there will be the need for quality freelance work as well.

i65nmd has worked for 6 years, much of it behind-the-scenes, to build close, personal relationships with scores of artists, designers, writers, videogaphers, photographers and marketing specialists.  The list is an eclectic blend of talented unknowns and a veritable ‘Who’s Who’ in the international design field.

i65nmd is getting to cut it’s teeth quickly, as it takes the lead graphic design and online presence creation/management for eDIGImag‘s latest initiative: code named:  Seed.

More information will be released shortly.  The reason for an imminent news release:  a huge marketing opportunity for eDIGImag and the Seed is coming the first week of June 2010.

Expect a full announcement of the Seed and it’s future, in the waning days of May 2010.

eDIGImag, USA and i65nmd are both wholly owned entities of NET500.CG, a privately owned graphic design firm, based in West Lafayette, IN.  For further information contact:  J. Leslie Booth via the Contact Us on this blog.

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i65 NMD… Leaves Meetup, Now a Ning Community

2008/08/19 1 comment


A few months ago, I began wondering why I was paying out $10 a month to host a monthly Meetup when no one was interested enough to come.  So, I decided to look for a venue where I could still offer and build a meeting base, with a more favorable financial investment .. ie, something Free!

Then Ning Communities reappeared ont my radar… again!  I say, reappeared again, because I first signed up for a Ning account a year ago.  Yes, it only took me a year to move.  Brontosaurus reaction time!  Such is the plague of too many irons-in-the-fire and only two hands to juggle them all.  Too many get dropped.  Sometimes you get burned, too!

So I decided to give the Ning Community a whirl.

I like it. I hope the rest of you will, too. Once the i65Ning is fully up and running: filled in with data, projects, ideas and activity: I believe everyone will look forward to being involved.

Construction on the Ning Community: i65 NewMedia, continues daily.  It’s by no means complete, but it’s very usable.  Besides, what’s ‘complete’ in site building?  404!


i65Ning will serve as the core online location for members of i65 NewMedia to come together for communicating and doing. Be sure to register to join the fun.  Remember, if you have a Ning ID, use that ID to enter i65Ning.

i65Ning will link back to this WordPress blog to provide complete coverage of digital development and experimentation within the worldwide audience we already have and want to expand.

The last 3 weeks having been incredibly busy,  resulted my biffing the setup of the Ning sites’ Calendar.  As a result no one knew there was a meeting this month and I ended up doing a ‘solo meeting’.  My apologies to the group for the fumble.

I’ve now added a calendar of events on the Ning site; with a link from here as well. So all meeting times/dates are posted so there should not be any confusion in the future.

Be sure to READ both the Blog and i65 Ning.  They compliment, not duplicate each other.

OK .. I’m outta here for now.  See you in  the digital feeds among the i65 NewMedia outlets.


RedBubble: An online community for YOU!

2008/05/06 13 comments

We all realize the Internet is not only big, but growing – daily- exponentially. It still boggles my mind.

I’ve been around this ever expanding knowledge source since its very inception and at one time I could actually say that I had, ‘…been to every place on the Net.’ However, within 6 months of being able to say that, no one has been able to do so since. The growth has been phenomenal!

Yet, as big and rapid growth can be on the Internet, it still amazes me that I find really cool stuff that seems to have just slipped by me. Since I devote an inordinate number of hours keeping tabs on what is ‘out there’ – I don’t like being reminded that I miss a LOT! But, it’s true: I DO!

A few weeks back an associate and good friend from South Africa (Jberg area) sent me, during a GoogleTalk session a link to a site called .

RedBubble is a captivating site. It’s fun to look around. It’s entertaining. It’s informative. It’s inspirational. It’s a great opportunity.

RedBubble is all about being a vibrant community of people who love to share their creativity. It’s all about self expression and the ability to attach to a community that is more about supporting you than supplanting you. Now that is a breath of fresh air. Is it not?

RedBubble recognizes that, given the right tools and opportunities, everyone can be an artist. Some will be better – of course – but none-the-less, everyone can – and should – produce something of artistic and intrinsic value. They then give you a platform to show what you do and gather input.

RedBubble provides you with a Free account where you can upload your images for viewing. Visitors to the site, register and non-registered members alike can view your work. As well, RedBubble makes your personal account a selling mechanism. You can sell your work on RedBubble and they will take care of the production, shipping and payment for you. Pretty sweet suite of tools .. eh?

RedBubble offers goods on which you can put your artwork ranging from postcards to T-shirts and more. Quite an array of products … and still ones people actually want to buy. A real opportunity.

RedBubble isn’t the only site like this online – and I will introduce you to more – but it is one of the neatest looking sites. You will find it filled with very talent artists. You will enjoy being a part of this community – even if it didn’t have the ability to help you make some extra cash!

Look into it and let us know what your URL is and how you’re doing.


— Follow up note —–

I received as Google Talk message from a colleague in Jberg South Africa telling me that he saw on the RedBubble blog a comment referring to this i65 review of  RedBubble.  Nice comments, too. Read it    [UPDATE07.04.12 I just noticed that this link is DOA “:(   If  someone at RedBubble knows where I can re-link to a LIVE LINK .. please leave me a message. Thank You. ]    and then pinch yourself as you realize just how globalized we have become! Way Cool!  Also, check out the comments on this redbubble review as well.   Thanks, folks!

Photo Shelter: Online Storage w/Pro Photog in Mind

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PhotoShelter is an online storage site for professional minded photographers; whether you make your living as a photographer or not. Started in 2005, PhotoShelter is dedicated to making a difference in the field of photography. PhotoShelter was designed by and is run by photographers.

Oh, did I mention that PhotoShelter offers you a place to SELL your photos as well? Well, it does. In fact, that is it’s main purpose: to offer a credible, safe, secure profitable platform to sell your photographic products.

So. You say. A lot of other places do the same. And yes, you’d be right.

However, there is one big difference here: the management – they are pro photograhers. They are the least likely group of managers to hurt you – when it comes to pricing, rights management, representation and the whole lot of other foibles that make the guantlet of selling images a painful – if downright unprofitable – process. This is saying a LOT!

This alone is well worth the effort of looking into PhotoShelter.

Admission for registration is free; another enticing reason.

In fact your FREE registration gets you 50MB of storage and 25MB/month high-res bandwitdth. A very good deal. But for a mere $10/month you get 10GB/5GB/month hi-res bandwidth! This is all going toward putting your best photos before a buying market.

All this said, you’re probably waiting for the ‘catch’.. right? Well, good thing, because there is one.

Ah, ha! You say! Gotcha! Well, sort of… the catch is this.

These are professionals and they want only professional quality image material for their site. But, before you begin to loose heart and get discouraged – DON’T!

Here’s why. If you want to sell your work, you’ll never find an easier, more approachable, low-cost entry into playing with the pros! NEVER! Not even my next story (Red Bubble), is this good – and it’s Great!

You will be requested to submit between 5-10 images, of high resolution – between 11MB and 125MB; no wimpy files here! And these images must meet a professional level of high criteria of quality to ‘meet the muster’. But, hey! If you want to play, you DO have to measure. I strongly advise all who are willing to divvy into this pot, read the Technical Submissions Guidelines BEFORE you even think of uploading an image.

But there I go again! Giving the impression this is an out-of-reach opportunity… because, it’s NOT!
In fact, what PhotoShelter offers, more than any other online-photo-gallery-community I belong to, or have registered for, or have heard or even visited. What it offers is this…

You will get schooled in exactly what you need to do to bring your photography up to technical snap and in so doing your own level of photo quality will rise with it. I’m sure of it!

I’ve been involved in photography for over 30 years and I’ve seen it happen many times before.

So often a photographer is but a gnat’s wing’s width of being in the Pro ring and all they lack is the nudge to get there. PhotoShelter is just the nudge so many will need. And access is as close as a simple self-determined click away!

Yes, the power to access this opportunity is totally in your hands. So, Carpe Diem!

I do realize, however, that no matter how great the opportunity PhotoShelter provides, it will not be for everyone. At least, maybe not in the present timeframe. But, if you’re aiming high, you will be ready, in short order. And when you’re looking for that bump to the next level, look to PhotoShelter. You’ll be most glad you did.

Enjoy. Give PhotoShelter a try. Shoot for the stars! I’ve seen a lot of extremely good photographers who just didn’t realize they were capable, enjoy a major leap in their salability with just the right nudge. Give your work the test. If it doesn’t meet-muster, then raise your bar and keep on climbing. If you do have the pinnacle in your frame, then revel in your new found adventure and enjoy the ride.

PhotoShelter is just your ticket.


Meeting Time Change

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Something had to change.  No one was showing up.  I couldn’t believe none of those who signed up for the i65 New Media meetup would just avoid coming to a meeting.  So, following a few queries I found that most of the membership just could not make the Wednesday meeting time.  OK.  That’s easy, I’ll change it.

So, beginning with the April meeting i65 New Media goes to a 3rd Monday of each month meeting frame. Thus the April meeting will be April 14 at 6:30PM.  Our meeting location will remain the same for now, Panera Bread @ Wabash Landing, West Lafayette.  I say ‘for now’ because I really like the convenience of the meeting area, food, beverage and free WiFi – but I must admit that their choice of ambiance music leaves much to be desired!  It stinks!   For now, we’ll see how many people come and what the desires are for the group.

I hope this day change will work for a lot of the membership and we start having  a good showing at the meetings.

Thanks for your input and I look forward to seeing many of you at the April meeting.


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Why Meetup Works …

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I’m getting this piece out late, my apologies up front. I have been busy. This is a good thing. Busy is good. But, busy and making money is even better.

Making these seemingly divergent poles come together – often enough to be a profitable entity – is the key to keeping the home fires burning, the ideas flowing and being so excited about getting back in the saddle each day.

We all need incentives to get us going at times; more than at others. And most people – even those like myself, who really enjoy working in the shadows, listening to my own brand of music while I write, design and plan – need to get out and have contact with others of the same interests.

Creativity in a vacuum just becomes stale after a while.

And the designer – no matter how big, influential, successful and all the other adjectives used to describe some of our ‘elites – who says they work without ‘contact’ with others, is fooling themselves; but not other designers. There is no such thing as a vacuum. We are all influenced by outside influences. Granted, some people need more human contact (aka: support) than others. Regardless, we all need contact.

This is where Meetup comes to play.

Meetup offers a convenient platform, in a friendly, warm atmosphere that is relaxed and – hopefully – conducive to flow.

Meetup offers a chance to meet new people; new ideas; new opportunities. New people are new ears and new conversations. New people mean new excitement.

Meetup offers the opportunity to take your work, efforts and plans to another level. To try out ideas and concepts that have just been waiting for an opportunity to burst forth. All they need is the opportunity.

It was for this very reason that I started the i65 New Media series of Meetups. I saw a need for a public platform, covering two areas of interest, where I work and thoroughly enjoy: Graphic Design and Digital Photography.

Today we have seen the marriage of these two areas into what is called, New Media. That New Media designation entails all that is visually creative and the technologies to conceive, create, develop, distribute and enjoy them – as in no other way or time – in the history of mankind. And we have access to it here, now and in full-tow!

An i65 New Media Meetup meeting allows interested parties a common platform to share, learn and network within their own field of expertise, interest and need. i65 New Media offers new channels to share and learn, among the myriad of paths between the multiple disciplines found in the New Media.

This is, to me, the most exciting part of an i65 New Media Meetup meeting: finding new paths and making new connections.

So, I encourage all members of i65 New Media to come out for the meetings – to see who else is in your ‘neighborhood’ with shared interests. You never know until you step out and see.

I also invite all those who read this (in the Mid-North Indiana I-65 corridor) – and are not currently members of Meetup or i65 New Media, to come check us out. Your first visit to i65 New Media is ‘on-the-house’. See if i65 New Media is a good fit for you.

We feel that no matter your status, professional or rank amateur, if you have an interest in New Media, you will find i65 New Media, engaging and worth your time. You’ll never know, though, until you ‘check us out’.

So … Step Out and Take a Look. Attend the Meetup Meetings … today!


i65 New Media: Photography

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I received an email from Meetup.com today (02.05.07) that said there were 50 people in the ‘Lafayette, IN area’ who were looking for a PHOTOGRAPHY Meetup.

OK. I’ve been promoting a Photography Meetup through the i65 New Media Meetup, but very few people have gotten the message. So, I am also applying for the Photography Meetup in this area.

After 35 years in the Graphic Design business my travels among the various elements of the business have taught me one thing – if nothing else: the visual and graphic elements of communication are inextricably connected. Thus, to learn one without delving into the rest of the ‘family’ is to do your own education and opportunity a serious disservice.

Please do not misunderstand. I don’t believe or promote, that each person who picks up a new digital camera – regardless of price, purpose or experience – should become adapt in everything from composition of the subject in their viewfinder to composition of a plate heading to a print run.

All elements of communication are empowered by Graphic Design, and are thus related. Whatever you know and understand of that relationship, will make you, not only a better photographer, but will make you a more powerful and better informed, communicator.

i65 New Media Design seeks to offer a platform – based on the Meetup model – that offers all levels of experience and expertise to mingle and co-mingle with the various communication platforms, in order to develop a broader, deeper and richer understanding of the tools-of-the-trade.

I will state again, it doesn’t matter if you only want to take better photos of the pets, sharper vacation shots, better composed captures of family gatherings, or that once-in-a-lifetime shot of Bigfoot as it runs off with the neighbor screaming in it’s arms. Or, if you’re a professional photographer looking for a new idea, tip, trick or contact. Getting a look at the other side of the graphic circle will only help improve your photos.

Give i65 New Media a shot. We’re still small, hungry and looking for warm bodies. So, anyone will fit right in. But of course that’s the case at any time.

For more information squeek and drag that mouse over to the i65 New Media Design Meetup website.

We look forward to hearing from you [email if you have questions and/or comments] and working together for an improved photographic outcome.

J. Leslie Booth
Creative Information Architect
Organizer: i65 NewMedia Design Meetup Group

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