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i65nmd Joins eDIGImag, USA

Over the past 18 months i65nmd has maintained a very low profile.  We have been working inside our parent company, NET500.CG, building a line of communication and education tools for implementation into the graphic design/new media industry.  It’s not an easy nut-to-crack, but we’re still wielding our virtual ‘nutcrackers’.

Recently, one of our ‘sister groups’, eDIGImag, USA, developed a very good working collaboration overseas and we’ve been enlisted to help out with the design aspects of a growing list of projects.

i65nmd‘s contribution, will be developing the graphics for online presence tools, such as … websites, blogs, Social Networking accounts, forums, video, pod and vid casting.  i65nmd will also provide graphic design and management, as well as, pre – and- post production for video, audio, print, brand product sales and management and more.

“We are looking forward to this arrangement.  The opportunity to work in the global marketplace and show off our design capabilities is an honest opportunity to broaden our marketplace.”, says Les Booth, owner of NET500.CG

Many of the projects will use in-house creative talent, but there will be the need for quality freelance work as well.

i65nmd has worked for 6 years, much of it behind-the-scenes, to build close, personal relationships with scores of artists, designers, writers, videogaphers, photographers and marketing specialists.  The list is an eclectic blend of talented unknowns and a veritable ‘Who’s Who’ in the international design field.

i65nmd is getting to cut it’s teeth quickly, as it takes the lead graphic design and online presence creation/management for eDIGImag‘s latest initiative: code named:  Seed.

More information will be released shortly.  The reason for an imminent news release:  a huge marketing opportunity for eDIGImag and the Seed is coming the first week of June 2010.

Expect a full announcement of the Seed and it’s future, in the waning days of May 2010.

eDIGImag, USA and i65nmd are both wholly owned entities of NET500.CG, a privately owned graphic design firm, based in West Lafayette, IN.  For further information contact:  J. Leslie Booth via the Contact Us on this blog.

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